Review: Shifter by Steven D. Jackson

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What’s It About?

John is living a mediocre life when suddenly the world changes around him and no one else notices, except him.  John is forced to reconsider how the world works when changes continue to happen, and many of them seem to be focused on him.  He doesn’t know if it’s him causing the changes or someone else changing his life, but soon that is put out of his head as he is forced to fight for his life against a mysterious organisation whose goal is to eradicate anyone who might be causing shifts in the world.


My Thoughts:

The premise of this book sounded really interesting to me so I was excited to read it.  Unfortunately, the idea behind the book is the only positive thing I can say about it.

The characters weren’t well-formed and I didn’t really feel a connection to any of them, which meant I didn’t really care about the outcome.  They were just pawns moving the story along rather than people I wanted to survive and win.  I felt they definitely needed some back-story to make their motives understood, rather than feeling that they were just following a script.

As for the plot, it was very predictable.  Other than one page at the end of the book, I already knew what was going to happen and who the real shifter was (and the ties they had to the other characters).  I had hoped that I was being misled and the writer would surprise me, but that didn’t happen.

The writing, while not bad, lacked the magic needed to bring me into the story.  It was very bland and felt boring to read (kind of like reading an essay by a schoolkid – this happened.  Then this happened, etc).

Overall, I felt this book was a waste of time.  It had so much potential, which it doesn’t live up to.  I think it would have worked better as a YA book (I actually thought that it was based on the blurb I was given) and believe that this book was not worthy of being published – it is one of those manuscripts that should just stay a manuscript as the writer works on his craft and produces something amazing in the future.

Overall rating: 1 .5/5

[Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.]


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