Why I’m Not Writing a Review

I had a review all written and ready to post today, but I have changed my mind.  The book I was reviewing was one I was thoroughly unimpressed with.  Though I could tell the writer clearly has a lot of potential, this particular book was not well thought out and needed some serious editing.  But as I had been given the book in exchange for a review, I was going to post about it anyway.

However, after talking to the writer (who took it all very professionally I must add), I have been forced to reconsider myself as a reviewer.  I mean, who does it actually benefit if I write and post a scathing review on a book?  I would say it benefits my readers so as to tell them not to bother reading the book – but if there’s very little chance they would have even heard about it if I don’t mention it, that sort of seems to defeat the point.  It could be said that it benefits the author, as they hear my feedback and can use that to make an amazing book next time; but this doesn’t need to be public as I can just message them myself and leave them to decide whether or not to take my criticism.  So I’ve come to realise that there is no point writing very negative reviews (I’m talking so negative I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone due to the quality, not due to it not being to my taste).  As I rate everything I read on Goodreads anyway, sharing a one star is a clear enough message that I don’t like the book in question.

So I’m afraid there is no review to read today – though there will definitely be one up next week. I would love to hear your views on giving negative reviews and how you deal with it, either in the comments or on your own blog. 

Until next week.


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