Bout of Books 9.0 Update – Days 6 & 7


So on Saturday (Day 6) of the read-a-thon I finished the book I started on Monday ‘A Tale for the Time Being’ by Ruth Ozeki. I then started on a book that, according to Goodreads, I have been ‘currently reading’ since last January. In actual fact this means I started it, but because it is not a novel, I started reading something else instead, and ‘Sex Diaries’ ed. by Maxim Jakubowski has been sitting on my shelf unloved for the past year, alongside ‘Great British Short Stories’ which apparently I am also ‘currently reading’.

I haven’t quite finished the Sex Diaries book (if you’re interested, it’s basically excerpts from ‘sex’ blogs about 10 years ago when Belle De Jour first became popular), but am almost at the end so definitely think I will be finished by tonight.

So overall this week I read 418 pages (book 1) + 156 pages (book 2) = 574 pages. I used to read much faster than this, but I’m glad to have given reading a decent head start this year, not to mention it has been fun reading and commenting on other participants’ blogs. I’m fairly certain I’ll be joining in another read-a-thon this year.


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