International Authors Day Blog Hop 2014

b My favourite author is Cecelia Ahern. I always feel slightly guilty when I admit this, as surely my favourite author should be someone I grew up with such as Enid Blyton or L. M. Montgomery.  Of course it would have been impossible for me to grow up reading Cecelia Ahern, seeing as she is around the same age as me and had her first book published when she was 22.

That takes me to my next worry. I haven’t actually read P. S. I Love You, her first book and by far the most famous; which makes me feel that I’m a fraud in saying she’s my favourite author. But I have read almost all her other books (I think I’m just missing the last one published, but it’s definitely on my TBR list). The only author I’ve read every single book to date by is J. K. Rowling (which mainly consists of the Harry Potter series as I’m sure you know), so I guess if any other author was my favourite I’d have the same worry.

The first Cecelia Ahern book I read was A Place Called Here which I picked up at a charity shop because I recognized her name (from all the publicity around P. S. I Love You which was in cinemas at the time).  A Place Called Here is about the place where all the lost things go, and I knew as I was reading it I’d fallen in love with Ahern.  Her writing is so vibrant and enjoyable; but for me, the reason she stands above all other authors is the unpredictability of her stories.  Every book she writes is completely different, not just from her other books, but from any other books I’ve ever read (and as I’ve read thousands of books so far in my lifetime, that’s a big deal).  Cecelia is an inspiration as a writer, but also in life as it is her books that have not only taught me that life doesn’t usually follow the expected path, but that going the unexpected route can be liberating and yield amazing experiences. Of course, I don’t expect to get the memories from a blood donor, or meet an invisible man, but Ahern’s stories aren’t about those things, they are about people and life and change.

I wasn’t going to do a giveaway, but after writing this I just had to share one of Ahern’s books with one of you (I wish I could send you all one).  So I will be giving away A Place Called Here the first Ahern book I read, and therefore I have the best connection with.  There are no hoops to jump (though of course I would love it if you subscribed to this blog or my Twitter and shared this post) as I want to make it a simple giveaway.  The giveaway is open internationally (as long as I can send mail to you, you can enter) and will be open until July.

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This post was written for the International Author’s Day Blog Hop hosted by Debdatta of b00k r3vi3ws


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  1. I can’t remember which blog I was on but I saw a heading for the International Authors Day Blog hop and it piqued my interest. lkish77123 at gmail dot com

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