Review: Cinch! by Cynthia Sass

Cinch by Cynthia Sass

Title: Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches

Author: Cynthia Sass

Publisher: HarperOne

Published: 2010

Genre: Non-Fiction Food

Source: Library

In Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches Cynthia Sass puts across a whole new way to enjoy food while losing weight and as part of a healthy lifestyle. While some may call this a ‘diet’ Sass states that it’s a change of habit, rather than a fad diet, and I have to agree with her. The basic idea is eating four small meals a day, each consisting of five food groups to give your body the nutrition it needs without expanding your waistline, though it is more a way of being healthier, than simply a weight loss regime.  I am not interested in diets, but I do love learning how to live healthier, and I feel that reading Cinch!  expanded my understanding of food, cravings and how my choice of food will affect my body.

While many will likely love the fact that chocolate is an everyday part of this diet, personally I’m not sure if the Cinch! diet is for me; but I still found it fascinating to read about how Sass came to create this lifestyle. I particularly enjoyed that she includes the science behind her choices in an accessible way, making it easy to understand and learn what our bodies need.

The book is also filled with examples of how it has changed people’s lives (which I skipped over), as well as lots of side notes full of interesting facts and thoughts relating to whatever Sass is talking about. I found these side notes great but they disrupted the flow of the narrative, often appearing within a sentence, making it harder to read and follow the book.

One thing I loved about Cinch! is that Sass includes a breakdown of how to create your own meals, as well as over a hundred recipes, and how to adapt restaurant meals to follow the plan. I feel this is really useful as most people aren’t able to always make/carry their planned meal to eat at the set time. Having a breakdown of the meals also allows the readers to discover and adapt meals to their own tastes and dietary needs

One way in which Cinch! differs from diet books, is the chapter exploring why we feel the need to overeat. This includes worksheets to fill out to help us understand and conquer our cravings. While it is only a chapter and therefore not extensive, I feel it is a good introduction to food psychology and, as well as being accessible, is easily personalized, making it a great tool for the reader, whether or not they choose to follow the 5 meal plan.

I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in what we eat and how it affects them and their health. Cinch! is highly flexible so the reader can take from it what they need, and while reading there is never the feeling of having to stick rigidly to a set meal plan, making it an enjoyable, as well as an informative read.


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